Fairbanks, Alaska

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2019 Geotechnician Position Requirements

Avalon Development, a Fairbanks, Alaska-based mineral exploration consulting firm, is looking to hire full-time, temporary Geotechnicians for its upcoming 2019 Alaska exploration programs. The 4-6 month positions start approximately May 1, 2019, perhaps sooner if a Spring program is mandated. We are looking for personnel that can handle working in remote locations and working under physically demanding conditions in all types of weather. Interested candidates must be capable of working around helicopters and drill rigs, and will also need to have good communication and computer skills. Field work will include reconnaissance and prospect-level geochemical sampling (stream sediment, pan concentrate and rock sampling) involving hiking long distances and carrying significant weight on a daily basis.  Based upon client needs, additional duties will be assigned.  Applicant must be able to pass a pre-employment background check and drug test and applicant must be willing to submit to random drug and alcohol testing on the job.

No previous mineral exploration experience is required however, previous mineral exploration experience will be helpful.

Applications will be reviewed and hiring completed on a first-come, first serve basis.

Persons interested in these positions may apply in the following ways:

1. Resumes with reference and/or a letter of interest may be emailed to: avalon2@avalonalaska.com with the words “2019 Geotechnician” in the subject line.

2. Your Resume with reference and/or a letter of interest can also be faxed to 907-455-8069

3. Your Resume with reference and/or a letter of interest may be mailed to Avalon Development, attn: ADC- Jobs 2019, PO Box 80268, Fairbanks, Alaska 99708.

Those interested in learning more about Employment opportunities in Alaska with Avalon Development, please visit: www.avalonalaska.com