Fairbanks, Alaska

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More Available Properties

Avalon Development maintains a listing of properties which are available for acquisition, lease or joint venture. The teasers listed below are a few of what we have available. If you are interested in specific geographic areas, commodities or deposit types, please contact us for specific property names and pertinent data. The following are a sampling of properties currently available:


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  The Kigluaik project covers placer gold production from parts of three districts with total recorded production of 5,242,210 ounces of gold since late 1800’s,  +500,000 oz lode resources, no significant commercial lode gold production from … ( click for more )

Kigluaik Project

Canwell Prospect

  The Canwell Cu-Ni-PGE prospect is located 265 kilometers (165 miles) southeast of Fairbanks, on the north flank of the central Alaska Range.   The project consists of 43 State of Alaska mining claims covering approximately 6,800 acres.  The project is road accessible via the 4 mile-long Red Rock Canyon Road, an informal… ( click for more )