Fairbanks, Alaska

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Available Properties

Avalon Development maintains a listing of properties which are available for acquisition, lease or joint venture. The teasers listed below are a few of what we have available. If you are interested in specific geographic areas, commodities or deposit types, please contact us for specific property names and pertinent data. The following are a sampling of properties currently available:

Hajdukovich Property

  The Hajdukovich gold project is an exploration stage project located in the north central Alaska Range. The claims are located in the Mount Hayes quadrangle 60 kilometers southeast of the town of Delta Junction and 24 kilometers south of the paved Alaska Highway. The Hajdukovich project is owned 100% by Fairbanks-based Anglo Alaska Gold Corporation, a private Alaska-domiciled corporation and consists of a contiguous group of 49 State of Alaska mining claims covering approximately …  ( click for more )


Caribou Property

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Bonnifield District

Silver  Bay Property

  Mineralization occurs within the +80 kilometer-long Sitka – Chichagof gold belt as low sulfide gold-quartz veins hosted in turbidite sequence rocks. The predominantly high angle veins and vein swarms are continuous for up to 1,000 feet along strike individually with vein swarms that are continuous for up to +4,500 feet horizontally and +4,000 feet vertically. Vein widths vary from <1 foot to +16 feet. Sulfides include …  ( click for more )

  The Caribou Creek (No Grub Creek) gold project is located in the uplands of the Salcha River drainage in eastern-interior Alaska approximately 100 kilometers west of Fairbanks, Alaska in the Big Delta C-4 quadrangle. Alaska State Mining claims occur in the southern portion of the project area and are bordered to the north by lands owned by the Alaska State Mental Health Land Trust. Access to the property is via helicopter or fixed wing aircraft with roads and trails allowing access … ( click for more )

  General geology of the Bonnifield district shows predominantly east-west trending units of Precambrian and Paleozoic metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks of shallow marine origin.  Cretaceous (92-93 Ma) granitic plutons and dikes occur throughout the Bonnifield and one instance of a much younger (2-4 Ma) dacite intrusion occurs at Jumbo Dome.  The oldest rocks in the Bonnifield are the  … ( click for more )